What have you been called to do with this precious life?

There is a question living within each person.

A question most of us either run towards or away from our whole lives. And our relationship to this question shapes the world around us. Our very culture is created out of the millions of actions taken by people who decide to say Yes to exploring the meaning of this question or say No to it.

What am I called to do with this life?

Much of what passes for spirituality today is very shallow because it is solely focused on your personal serenity or your personal salvation. But your call isn’t about realizing your personal satisfaction or becoming your best self.
You are part of something larger and your call is about that.

We know our world is in trouble.

We understand the environment is changing rapidly, we know our prison system has spiraled out of control, we feel overwhelmed by the rancor in our political system. And we blame these problems on human actions, but this is only partially correct. The effects we are facing today are determined by our actions, but our actions are the products of the decisions and choices we make. The quality and condition of our decisions and choices are derivative of our thinking. And our thinking is determined by our spiritual condition. To say our cultural issues are the consequence of our actions conveniently avoids our responsibility for our spiritual condition, which is the source of the cascade of all that follows.

We need a spiritual change in our culture.

Healing our culture begins with taking responsibility for our spiritual condition. Our climate and social problems can be solved. But they will be solved by people willing to engage in a spiritually creative transformation. 

It begins with you. It begins with me.

It begins with us taking our spiritual condition seriously. This 4-module course in an introduction to spiritual discernment. It is designed to give you what you need to get started, to see if this is the path for you.

I hope you will join us.