Who am I?

How can I connect more deeply with the Divine?

What have I been called to do with my life?

We are all spiritually hungry. But the path can feel overwhelming at times (much of the time). Walking with someone encourages us—literally gives us courage—to do the hard work of saying yes to that larger call from life. Finding a spiritual partner helps us build the inner strength and accountability we desire so we can foster the spiritual intimacy we long for.


What is spiritual guidance, what can you expect, and what do I expect?

  • The real spiritual director is God or the Divine, however you understand that relationship. I help guide you into the sacred relationship so you can receive direction from God or the Divine.
  • Spiritual guidance is for people who are seeking to make a change in their lives. It is for someone looking for a partner to walk beside them, journey with them, to pilgrim with them. Your life is a pilgrimage, I am here as a traveling companion. 
  • Spiritual guidance is the process of helping you find out what you are hungering for.


What do I expect.

  • You will commit to a daily practice of contemplation
  • You will establish a set of goals or a particular goal to work on
  • We will commit to a 6-month process of weekly or bi-weekly in-person or Skype conversations. (I don't do once a month sessions.)

Ian served two congregations in New York City over ten years. He left congregational ministry to create new opportunities for people to explore and connect with God in alternative but meaningful ways. His weekly newsletter and podcasts provide inspiration and insight on personal experiences with the Divine. He is a yoga teacher and believes the body is being reclaimed by God for the purposes of praise and adoration.