About Ian White Maher

Seeker | Student | Devotee

Ian served two congregations in New York City over ten years. He left congregational ministry to create new opportunities for people to explore and connect with God in alternative but meaningful ways. His weekly newsletter and podcasts provide inspiration and insight on personal experiences with the Divine. He is a yoga teacher and believes the body is being reclaimed by God for the purposes of praise and adoration.  

"Ian is a bold thinker with compassionate and imaginative ideas that give depth to the inherent worth and dignity of every person (that is, the Beloved Community). His vision is one we need to know more about. Speak to us Ian!"

Rev. Dr. Fred Muir
Senior Minister, UU Church of Annapolis
Editor, Turning Point: Essays on a New Unitarian Universalism

Ian is one of three people that changed my life forever. He’s kind of a secret weapon in the sense that his love for God (and subsequent power to move mountains, innovate, and catalyze) is coupled with humor, warmth and self-deprecation. Having traveled far and wide to connect with spiritual directors, I can attest to how rare this combo is. Some visionaries can’t make you belly laugh, nor do they openly share their own struggle with their faith. No one has brought me closer to God than Ian. He is truly irreplaceable.

Mary Cinadr

We all search for meaning and a community to share it with. And the day I met Ian, I was desperately seeking both. His compassion and insight inspired me to set aside what I thought I knew about myself and the world around me, and step forward with an open mind and heart. With these new understandings, I continue to explore and grow. 

Andrew Collins